Unraveling You

I love Jessica Sorensen. Unraveling You is a four-book series and was the second series of Jessica’s that I’ve read and I’ll, for sure, be reading more. She has a way of bringing out complex emotions through her writing that is both intoxicating and unparalleled.

Lyric Scott is a bright and happy teenager, with parents who literally rock. Her neighbors, who are best friends with her parents (and who she calls Aunt Lila and Uncle Ethan), adopt foster kids. Their newest addition to the family, Ayden, is a quiet and solemn teenage boy, who comes off a bit goth, wearing all black right down to his nail polish. Lyric befriends him and unknowingly keeps him from committing suicide. She helps him through issues that stem from his abusive childhood and they end up becoming best friends.

Throughout the series, we witness Lyric and Ayden become closer until they eventually admit their feelings for one another. However, it’s much more complicated than that. Ayden’s issues run deep. And his past is far from over.

“With Ayden, it’s always complicated, like trying to figure out a story in a closed book.”

I fell in love with Ayden Gregory. His issues were so REAL. He wasn’t the typical unrealistic alpha male hero. He was genuine and authentic and absolutely adorable. I wanted to relish this book and never let it end. But at the same time, I found myself blocking the next lines so I wouldn’t read ahead because I just HAD to find out what happened next. Not only was the love story addicting, but this series also had an air of spookiness that kept me thinking about it even when I wasn’t actively reading it. Ceremonial sacrifices, and cult-like members stealing children still float through my mind.


If you like Young Adult, New Adult, Mystery, Drama, or just an overall amazing story, grab Jessica Sorensen’s Unraveling You. I’m certain you’ll love it (and Ayden) just as much as I did.



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