C-Vamp (A C-Vac Novel)

In the nail-biting conclusion to the story that began in C-Vac, Briella’s worst nightmares have come true. First, she was separated from her boyfriend, Trey, and now she keeps losing everyone else she’s ever been close to. To top it all off, since she’s become a C-Vamp herself, she’s her own worst enemy. Now her only friend in the world is the last person she ever would have expected to be there for her. Jake knows that Briella is his brother’s girl, but there’s something about her that brings out his humanity. Can he protect her from herself, as well as from new enemies, all while keeping his feelings for her at bay? With Trey’s fate hanging in the balance, will a cure be discovered before it’s too late for not only him, but mankind altogether?

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